Frequently ask questions

1. How do I buy Liviantech products?

You can make an order only at the online LIVIANTECH shop, simply filling the online shopping form. You will then receive an automatic e-mail confirming your order and a second e-mail to communicate the dispatch forwarding and all the information related to it.

2. How long does it take for the ordered Goods to be delivered?

Average dispatch time is 2 to 6 working days with Express Courier and 15 to 25 working days with Poste Italiane, starting from the date of the order. The Goods availability is shown next to the product code on the online shop.

If any item is shown as “Out of stock” we suggest waiting for the item to be available again before making your order.

3. Can I receive information about the ordered Goods?

When making an order on our site, the product availability is shown next to the product code

4. How can I modify or cancel an order?

You can simply send a message by accessing “My Orders” section, select your order and type in your request.

The answer from our Customer Service will be displayed in that same section.

PLEASE NOTE: once the payment has been done, as the amount of money cannot be modified, the order cannot be modified either.

In case the order has already been shipped, see procedure in our Sale General Terms and Conditions, chapters 9 and 10.

5. Is there a minimum value limit to make an order?

No minimum value limit has been fixed

6. Orders cancellation

LIVIANTECH has the right to partially or completely cancel any order or order fulfilment in case of long term unavailability or due to technical reasons.


7. What payment methods are accepted?

You can choose any of the following methods:

BANK TRANSFER. When Goods are ready for the dispatch, we will send you an e-mail containing all details for the bank transfer, including the reason to be indicated. You do not have to send payment accountancy. As soon as our bank will confirm your money has been transferred onto our account we will send you the Goods. Moreover we will confirm this via e-mail.

BY CREDIT CARD: all main credit cards via Gestpay Banca Sella service

8. What if my payment fails?

The reasons for an unsuccessful payment can be several: insufficient credit on cards that can be topped up, wrong expiry date or security code transcription etc. LIVIANTECH is not responsible for any of the above reasons. In such cases, the order won’t be processed; it will be classified as a “payment error” and will be suspended till a new payment is done.

9. How much does the shipment cost?

The shipment cost will be automatically calculated in the shop section at the end of the ordering process and will be shown before closing the order.

10. How will the Goods be delivered?

The Goods are dispatched by Express Courier or through the Mail Service. Once received the dispatch confirmation by e-mail, the delivery time will be the same shown when choosing the transport mean during the purchasing procedure. When making an order please make sure you are giving us all the details regarding the delivery address and that someone is always there. As an alternative address we suggest to communicate us your working place address or any other place where someone can guarantee the collection. When choosing an alternative address, please make sure you write the exact name of the person or the company stated on the bell.

11. What if I am not in?

If the delivery fails at the first attempt, the Courier will leave a calling card and another attempt will be made the following day. If also the second attempt fails, the delivery will lay in a Courier’s branch for two days, after which the delivery will be returned to us. You can go to the Courier’s branch to collect your parcel. Only the recipient provided with an identity card is entitled to collect the parcel. We recommend contacting the Courier’s branch to agree the dispatch details with them.

12. Can I arrange any specific delivery day and/or time?

No, you cannot. Shipments are entrusted to an Express Courier operating on the whole national territory during the whole day span, with own organizational procedures. LIVIANTECH has no power to affect them. That’s why it is important to communicate an address where somebody can always be there to collect the parcel, such as your working place, a relative’s house, a retail store…

13. Can I be phone-called by the Courier some time before the delivery?

We always inform the Courier about the recipient’s address. The Courier though usually phones the recipient only when there are problems with the delivery and not to warn them in advance about the delivery. LIVIANTECH takes care of warning all clients by e-mail the day before the dispatch is carried out.

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14. How can I apply my right of withdrawal?

Please see chapter 10. about the Right of withdrawal in Sale General Terms and Conditions.

15. Are LIVIANTECH products covered by a warranty?

Please see chapter 11. about the Warranty in Sale General Terms and Conditions

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16. I forgot my password. Can I get a new one?

Yes, you can. Go to the dedicated section in the online shop, type in the e-mail address used for logging in, then click “forgot your password?”. Few minutes later you will receive an e-mail to the same address containing a new password for you to log in.

If you wish to change your password again, you can choose a new one after logging in by going to the section “my account”.

17. I changed my password but I cannot make an order at the online shop. What shall I do?

Make sure you have copied the password exactly as when you typed in first, checking capital and small letters and leaving no gaps in between.

If your computer does not recognize the new password we suggest erasing the chronology, cookies and temporary internet files or making the order from another computer.

18. Can I update and/or modify my account details?

Yes, you can. You just have to type your user name and password in. Then you select “my account” on the main page and you modify your details. Similarly, in order to communicate an alternative delivery address you can click “my addresses” and then “type new address in”.