Accessory reinforced far end available to reinforce the sunshade and to transform it into our ALAMO wind-shield It is made of an aluminium section partially surrounded by a protective sleeve and equipped with a stainless steel ring to be easily attached to the fabric loop of the sunshade.

18 cm long, anodized aluminium stakes, coloured in red for high visibility 4 pieces-set

260 cm long, highly tough nylon ropes provided with 3-holes-tensor, red in colour for high visibility 4 pieces-set

Wind resistant, anodized aluminium poles with plastic anti-breach basis, suitable in the sand 2 x 55 cm long piece, made up of 3 sections Colour: blue

Sun-protecting, fisher-style, cotton hat Colour: blue and white

Tape of Velcro Useful to fix the bag with the sunshade to the motorbike, bicycle, etc. Dimensions: 20 x 500 mm Set consisting of two tapes

Transform Set from umbrella OMBU to ALAMO version.

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