Spare parts

Rip-stop polyester aluminium-woven canvas, equipped with loops and Velcro strips for the attachment of the poles

Anodized aluminium poles Bright yellow six-fragments pole, total length 220 cm

Aluminium joint used to connect the framing poles to the telescopic pole

Accessory reinforced far end available to reinforce the sunshade and to transform it into our ALAMO wind-shield It is made of an aluminium section partially surrounded by a protective sleeve and equipped with a stainless steel ring to be easily attached to the fabric loop of the sunshade.

18 cm long, anodized aluminium stakes, coloured in red for high visibility 4 pieces-set

260 cm long, highly tough nylon ropes provided with 3-holes-tensor, red in colour for high visibility 4 pieces-set

Aluminium telescopic pole equipped with twist locking system that allows the pole to be adjusted to intermediate heights starting from 50 cm up to 180 cm It is provided with a protective plastic cap that needs removing before the pole is assembled onto the connection joint

Wind resistant, anodized aluminium poles with plastic anti-breach basis, suitable in the sand 2 x 55 cm long piece, made up of 3 sections Colour: blue

Sun-protecting, fisher-style, cotton hat Colour: blue and white

Aluminium, 25 cm long central stake with stainless steel shock-resistant ending

Plastic plug-shaped connector used to adjust the connection joint to the poles Made with plastic material with high mechanical resistance, dimensional steadiness and tough, hard, stiff qualities due to its low humidity absorption and thermal stability characteristics

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